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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    I like Casey’s thinking on Bargnani’s rebounding issue and the genius of it is pretty simple, really. It’s just getting him focused on the task itself instead of smothering him with a desired (and necessary, one way or another, you’ve gotta figure) end result. I say ‘smothering’ only because for a guy like Bargnani, being told that he’s GOT TO get eight or ten rebounds every game could be way more daunting (and knowing Bargnani, maybe stifling) than what WE’D all figure it should be. So instead of getting him to gaze at the top of the mountain, telling him ‘that’s where you’ve gotta get to’, Casey gets him to look at the foot of the mountain and tells him to just focus on that first easy step, hoping the right habits finally begin to implement themselves in his own head. If it takes, it could be the beginning of good things for him. And us.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post

    I don't think anyone interprets get 2 rebounds and coast. I certainly didn't. There is a teaching method called 'whole-part-whole'. You introduce the concept or skill, break it down to its parts, return to focus on the entire concept.

    How many people have been telling Bargnani to rebound for years and throwing arbitrary numbers like 10 rebounds, 7 feet tall, 36 minutes? A lot. Fans, media, coaches, assistant coaches, management, teammates.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "Andrea, you've got to rebound... just go get the ball.... look at how big you are." Yeah, that has been extremely successful. A new spin might make something click. It is the first time I've heard anyone directly related to the Raptor organization say, "I told him we need two (rebounds) a quarter, youíre up to eight and you can fall into a couple more. Thatís our goal with him and heís made a concentrated effort of doing that."

    As for the haters, I just put a post up that spoke about him being the best player in the gym (warm and fuzzy was my comment on it) and about the 2 rebounds a quarter (simple yet genius was my comment) - and what part of the article and comment gets attacked? Nope... there is no hate for Andrea... none at all.
    sorry re. the caps...too much deadspin. it's infectious. not yelling, just emphasizing.

    look, i'm sorry if i'm not as enthusiastic about some report from a known raptor-fluffer based on some mystery 'source.' it would have a bit more credence if it came from a guy who didn't run from the idea of writing anything vaguely controversial or actually critical about the raptors. i take what smith writes with the same grain of salt i do when i read a comment from cesco or multipaul (btw...where'd he go?).

    so, yay, andrea's been the best player in training camp. that's great. he's also been great in actual games...and even been great for stretches of games. what has it meant in the past, exactly?
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