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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Nate would also be an upgrade over John Lucas

    Scouting report
    + Emotional, pint-sized guard with explosive hops. Aggressive scorer.
    + Good outside shooter but shot selection an issue. Gets out of control.
    + Strength, athleticism partly offset size on D. Loses focus, gambles and fouls.

    It now appears that Robinson's horrific 2010-11 season was an outlier. He reverted to his old form last season as one of the league's premier bench energizers and proved a tremendous low-cost pickup for Golden State. Robinson averaged nearly a point every two minutes, but the real revelation was his distribution from the point. Unbelievably, he ranked ninth in the league in pure point rating and eighth in turnover rate; in particular, his rate of 7.8 assists per 40 minutes was by far the best of his career.

    As always, Robinson shot well, too. He hit 36.5 percent of his 3s and a solid 40.2 percent of his long 2s, along with a decent free throw rate. Add it all up and he was a major offensive plus, creating lots of shots for both himself and his teammates, with a respectable percentage and few turnovers.

    Defensively, Robinson graded as the worst player in the league with at least 300 plays defended, according to Synergy. I don't think he was really quite that bad -- his other data wasn't nearly as negative -- but he certainly wasn't good. Robinson ranked in the top quarter of point guards in steals per minute, but only at a huge cost in missed gambles and fouls. At 5-9, it's fairly easy for opponents to play over the top of him too.

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    Quote enlightenment wrote: View Post

    So basically we trade Bargnani for exactly what we need. A competent back up point guard and a veteran low post presence PF.

    I can't see why we wouldnt pull the trade. Bargnani really cant lower his trade value much further, so this would be huge for us.
    I can't see why either. Even those arguing against it have not given a reason that is not based on unfounded opinions.

    I hope it is just Colangelo being held back from the phone by Steffi as he continues to play it cool for a better deal.

    BryCo: Give me the damn phone! Make the deal! Make the deal, Steffi!

    Steffi: Bryan shut the fuck up.

    BryCo: You realize the only other trade out there is Tyrus Thomas and us sending a 2nd rd pick!?!?!?

    Steffi: Bryan do you remember last summer when you were going to give up Calderon, #8, DD, and ED for Gay? Patience paid off and we raped those little bitches in Memphis.

    BryCo: But this is Bargnani!

    Steffi: Yeah and this is another cheap desperate ownership group. Be patient, Bryan.

    **Steffi lets BryCo out of the figure-4 leg lock**

    BryCo: Can't I just call Gar and Pax to say hi?

    Steffi: Bryan you touch that phone I'm going to fuck you up and after I am done I'm going to call your dad and let him know how ridiculously unColangelo-like you continue to be. You think your dad got LBJ in to the Olympic fold by calling him every 20 minutes. Be cool you tool.
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