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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Quote JoePanini wrote: View Post
    Okay, all this crap about him having a very slight improvement in rebounding per 36 minutes over his career is pissing me off. Situations change, statistics aren't all that matter. Watch him on the court, see how he plays, see how his body changes over the summers. It's all hard work, it all pays off, and we all saw it on the court. Maybe his stats didn't knock us off our feet, maybe his stats didn't improve very much, but as a player, he has improved considerably. From coming into this league as a skinny 220 pound euro guy that could ONLY shoot, to a guy that now weighs over 250 pounds and can actually defend the post against other bigs, and post on them on the offence. He is a guy that averages 1.4 blocks a game on a team that doesn't play offence. He averaged 17 points a game as a second option, which is pretty good actually. If you don't think Bargs has improved since joining this league, wait no. Let me rephrase, if you don't think that Bargs has improved CONSIDERABLY since joining, and has improved every summer, then you really need to get off your computer, and watch him play. Sorry.
    I watched him play all last season and in far too too many games the Raptors were behind when he came out for a rest in the first quarter. Also in the 3rd quarters, there were way too too many games in which the Raptors were outscored when he was on the court.

    Of course that was when he was playing next to Bosh.

    We shall see how it looks this coming season when he is playing next to Davis
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    Tim W: Your convoluted ramblings about whether or not his offense is good enough for his lack of rebounding isn't any way to make any point...
    There are PLENTY of reasons to suggest that his productivity will go up more than just marginally but first YOU need to remove your bias predicated on antiquated thinking...
    First, ONCE AGAIN as I stated earlier he's a late bloomer due to his earlier development playing a different style and mentality of bball in Europe...
    Secondly, He is now the #1 option therefore he will get more plays, more shots, more free throws. If he progressed gradually as the #2 or #3 in previous seasons it only makes SENSE that his progression THIS year will reflect a more significant increase...
    Thirdly, the evidence that he will get 8-10rpgs is that Bosh is no longer around and he's more aware than anyone that NOW is the time to step up. He has added