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    Default Teague MVP

    So I just noticed that Teague is 4 on the Kia MVP Ladder, down one spot from a previous ranking of 3. Who believes that Teague should be even be on this list at all?

    I know the Hawks are a very impressive team, but I think their success is mainly due to coaching and the system they use. Of course, you need the players to execute well, which requires the right players, and Teague is certainly one of them. But does any one player really stand out above the others on this team? And if so, how is that guy Teague? I've read articles and listened to guys suggest and demonstrate that Korver is indeed the most important player on the team, due to his shooting and that defenses can't leave him open, giving the rest of the players the room to operate. His on/off splits are impressive as well and best on the team I believe.

    So I have a problem with Teague being ranked 4th in the MVP race. All star yes, MVP, no. In fact, I can't see how it can be justified that any player on this team is worthy of MVP consideration, despite the fact that they are indeed the hottest team in the NBA and second only to GSW. Most starting PG's in this league could be inserted into ATL's lineup and do what Teague is doing IMO, so I don't see how he can be considered an MVP candidate. I wonder if ATL would be a top 5 team in the East if Schroeder was starting, and I think they would.

    Anyways, I usually consider an MVP candidate as a player that has done exceptional work during the season and who's team would be considerably worse without them. Teague, I do not believe qualifies. In fact I would rank Lowry ahead of him in this regard.


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    Well everyone is on the Hawks bandwagon

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    just coach 'Bud will get the coach of the year, and Ferry with GM of the year for this season also surviving the media issue with the blown out racist shit that was not his doing....

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