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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    If the Raptors amnesty Kleiza as rumoured and if the cap goes up a couple of million as rumoured then it makes no difference. The largest difference in salary under $9.8M is 150% plus 100k. Over 9.8M the salary difference must be no more than $5M.

    Again the assumption is the luxury tax goes up $2M and Kleiza is amnestied but with this happening you get the flexibility you speak of by amnestying Bargnani.

    At the very least I think Bargnani could return Richard Jefferson from Golden State or Ben Gordon from Charlotte. Both are expiring contracts and you get the flexibility for the summer of 2014 you referenced.

    As for more opportunity to go in to the tax in future years, not sure how that would work. Once over the cap you only have exceptions and the allowable differences in salary in trades to add salary. Bargnani's salary removed puts them at $60M or so next season and a full MLE combined with $5M in salary coming in on a lopsided trade doesn't put them in the luxury until you start adding minimum salaries.
    If the Cap goes up 2 mil its sitting at approx 60 mil

    Amnestying Bargnani puts the Raptors at approx 62 mil for the 2013/14 season with all options picked up, and at 49.5 mil for the 2014/15 season with all options picked up.

    Amnestying Kleiza puts the Raptors at approx 68.3 mil for the 2013/14 season and 61 mil for the 2014/15 season.

    So, as I stated before, using the amnety on Bargnani leaves them more wiggle room under the tax to make moves this year without exceeding the tax. This doesn't mean its easily done, but it does give them more room. Staying under the tax this year (with a little more room to make a move) means potential future years of exceeding the tax with a smaller tax hit. It also leaves Kleiza's expiring contract to make a deal.

    For the 2014/15 season (depending on an additional increase of the cap), amnestying Kleiza leaves them above the salary cap, amnestying Bargnani leaves them well below the cap before considering other moves.

    Toronto is offered more flexibility than they currently have by amnestying Kleiza, but not as much as they do by amnestying Bargnani both this season, and more so going forward.

    As for Bargnani being traded for an expiring, that would be great and more benificial than amnestying him - but that is also far from a sure thing.

    While amnestying Bargnani is not necessarily the best or ideal option (clearly getting something 'good' for him would be the ideal option) it is still an option, and it does offer more flexibility for the team (even if its small) than not amnestying him and/or amnestying Kleiza instead. Things do still change in Toronto's salary cap favor, just not as much as we may like them to.

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    I have always defended Bargs, but I certainly understand the fact that most fans are "done" ... and as Colangelo noted publicly, maybe a change of scenery for both would be ideal. Just an angle to consider:

    As constructed TODAY, we have a starting unit of: Lowry, Demar, Rudy, Amir & Jonas (awesome)
    We have TRoss, and Fields as options at the wing off the bench; Gray and Acy as deep bench bigs, and JL3 as 3rd PG.

    Needs: 3rd bench big, backup PG.

    Is Andrea Bargnani not even worthy of a shot to try and mesh with this new team as a bench scorer? Maybe not, and yes - he was horrid last year, and yes he is not a strong rebounder or help defender ... I guess to me, he has a lot of the qualities I am searching for in a 3rd big: ability to stretch the defence, can play 5 in small lineups, works well with Jonas or Amir,