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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    @RaptorsPR @Raptors How often can u say AB defense won the game in final 2mins? Quick #tradeBargnani so we'll all have warm&fuzzy memories!!
    Don't let a couple of defensive plays sway you from the movement!
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    but they were amazing Matt. AMAZING. This is Bargs at his prime.
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    Quote RaptorReuben wrote: View Post
    I know how trades match up thank you very much. I would be very willing to take in assets along with (makes me cringe), a large contract. Gasol, Gay, Smith. These guys' contracts take most, if not half the sending value, along with assets/picks whatsoever.

    Calderon has an expiring 10$ million ($10,561,982 with a 10% trade kicker meaning $11,618,180) at the end of the season, not to mention a very solid contributor for a contender. A guy like Bargnani, heading to a contender could be the very 3rd/4th option offensive piece, while Amir is able to solidify any front-court. Second round picks valuable as well, being able to draft guys, and whether or not they work out well, they are not qualified for guaranteed contracts unlike a 1st rounder.

    Yes, $26 million seems like a lot, but like I said, it would help any team over the tax with the expiring $10 million. On the court, Bargnani, Jose, Amir can bring some contributions to any given team.
    I love watching Gasol but that would be a terrible move for the team. That would put the team in a win now position still with no small forward worth mentioning, back up PG (Lucas doesn't do it for me), back up center (Gasol could play this but we wouldn't have an other big off the bench outside of the inconsistent Davis). No where near good enough to compete now and doesn't help the cause long term either. By the way I think the Lakers would take Bargnani and Jose straight up for Gasol as that would make their team much better then currently constructed. I'd much rather it be a three way deal with Gasol going else where at 32 he doesn't help us and when our young guys are ready to win he'll be useless.

    Gay would be nice although over payed IMO. No one should be making the max with out an all-star appearance. Grizzlies already have Z-Bo, Gasol and Speights not to mention Aurther so these 3 players you've mentioned won't get a deal done as you make an already crowded front court even more crowded.

    Smith is a nice talent but he's a FA and is going to get near a max deal? You want to pay Smith that kind of money if he's even willing to stay?

    26 million doesn't seem like a lot... it is a lot! I agree that those players