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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Default Next Year At This Time - Will Bargnani Threads Be 'More Popular' Or 'Less Popular'?

    I was just counting the number of Bargnani threads on page #1

    Of the 10 threads with the most recent posts, five of them have "Bargnani" in the thread title.

    Next year at this time will Bargnani threads be more popular to less popular?
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    Quote vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
    what a dumbass...

    ok so if there were no plays being called for him why was SUCH A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF HIS MADE FIELD GOALS assisted on (way more than anyone else on the team) ??

    hez not creating his own shot is he ??
    I thought you didn't throw personal insults " dumbass". Meantime what I meant was he rarely got the lob in on the elbow to be able to create his own shot like RuPaul did. The reason many of his field goals are assisted is because many come from swinging the ball, or last minute passes from broken plays called for RuPaul. The other thing is what is wrong with shots being assisted? Have you been watching the NBA so much you have come to love the constant ball hogging that goes on in this league so guys can pad their stats? Remember basketball drills playing scrimage where the coach would mandate three passes before someone could shoot? That was to try and create team basketball that finds the open man and exposes slower defenses, something the Raptors could rarely do with RuPaul style basketball because he did not have the talent, desire, or IQ to actually pass the ball as a first option.
    Bargnani will get more unassisted points this year without RuPaul, but I still say that a center or PF does not need to to be effective. That's why they have pass first guards, and unselfish players. That's why teams like the Lakers and Celtics win games, not only because of their stars but because they have figured out how to do what's best for the team. That's also why I think RuPaul will strugle because he's only ever worried about himself.
    Sorry about turning this into RuPaul but he's my favourite piece of shit girly haired, deadbeat dad, bald headed chick dater I know.

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