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1. Udho a quality big with upside? Yeah, those 4 pts and 3.5 rbs on 40% shooting are really promising. He has done little more to impress in Milwaukee than he did in GS. He's also making more than 3 million a year because of his rookie scale deal, and he's not even as good as Acy, I would say, though he is bigger, which makes him an ok backup or 3rd string C with Gray behind JV.

2. Bargs gets some touches almost every game in the post. He is big and uses his size, especially when he has a mismatch. This is something that started way back when Triano was here. Clearly you don't actually pay attention to Raps games when you watch them. Ersan does not have the size, or moves, to really finish a lot in the post...Bargs is a much better player in the paint (where he finishes at a higher %, 46% on 44 attempts to 24% on 34 attempts, according to nba.com's advanced player stats), and Ilyasova's %s and usage are focused under the basket and at the 3pt line because he's a complimentary scorer. This is because Bargs can actually create shots from different spots on teh court.

In fact, if you look at the breakdown by area on such pages, Bargs is as good or better in terms of %s from everywhere except the above the break 3, and all that with a usg % of about 25%, as compared to Ersan's 19%. Considering the Bucks want a better scorer, and especially that role of a 2nd or 3rd guy to go with Jennings, Bargs clearly has more ability to fill that role.

3. Hypothesis about Indy. It's a hypothesis, I don't need a source. Have you suggested that the Raps should try any trade? All I did was suggest that since I think it's pretty well known that Granger has been in the rumor mill since the summer, and that with Indy's lineup playing well, it's as good a time as any for them to trade him to address more important issues, like the fact that their backcourt is basically Stephenson, Hill and Augustin...Ellis would be a huge upgrade for them from that perspective. I don't see a problem with showing that such a 3team deal is at least technically possible, which is really all I was doing with the trade machine link.

4. Booing Bargs....that is classless. What would you be booing him for? YOu think that's going to help your team win? You think that's going to make him want to play better, which is good whether we keep or trade him? How has he caused you suffering? Has his inability to rebound affected your health, your virility, your friendships?
Boo Bargs if we're losing games and he's playing like crap. He came back and was actually playing well, for Bargs. That is classless, good sir, and I hope one day 20,000 people boo you just for showing up to work.

oh, some random stats from nba.com....

ok, lets entertain this discussion:

1. Here are some Udoh stats for you:
a. 1.15 blocks per game in 18.3 min - there is only one player in the league who averages more in less minutes, his teammate Delembert
b. Shoots career best 80% FT this season

With a 7'4.5'' wing span he's another Ibaka in making. Could be the first big off the bench on any team until he develops into a solid defensive PF.

2. Bargs does not play inside. He is afraid of any contact and prefers to patrol the 3pt line. Ersan actually bangs in the post, hence his higher rebound %. I am just going to ignore your comment about "not paying attention"

3. There are tons of potential trades rumors/sites and what makes sense to which team articles; I suggested to keep this relevant to the thread topic.

4. Booing Bargs before he'd enter his first game back - has nothing to do with the team. Of course I want it to win and of course I want to get max value of the inevitable trade. He has caused me hours of pain watching his lack of effort and pathetic fake shot then one dribble pull up.