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Thread: Raptors Ranked Dead Last In Eastern Conference Standings

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    Default whaaat?

    what is the EC conference?

    is that the eastern conference conference?

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    You are still living in fantasy land, eh? This team as it is right now will suck. All we can hope for is a top 5-7 pick to get our PG of the future and using all those TPEs, expiring contracts to move up in the draft and shore up our C and SF positions. Charlotte is actually better than us now, yes, they don't have a starting PG(we don't have either, both Jack and Jose are backups) but they have guys hungry to win and are experienced in Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace and an hall of fame coach in Larry Brown - in short, I see Charlotte fighting for the 7th and 8th spots in the East with Philadelphia, New York Knicks(the team looks overrated but they are significantly better than Detroit, Indiana, New Jersey and Toronto for now) and Washington.

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    I would disagree that the West has got worse:

    1. Lakers- did not get worse keeped the core and added a vet or two
    2. Dallas- Will be beter after dudes from last trade get to gel + added Chandler
    3. Phoenix- Clearly worse after Amare leaves and replaced by Hedo...Can you say downgrade
    4. Utah- Drafted a good player for their system, signed Raja Bell and got Jefferson to replace Boozer (maybe not better but not worse)
    5. Denver- lost Martin to injury but did get Al Harington which could be a nice fit....not much different...still a good team
    6. Portland- Roy and Oden stay healthy and they are clearly better
    7. San Antonio- kept the core added role players if and when Manu and Parker stay healthier they improve
    8. Thunder- Young team gets better each year....
    9. Rockets- Yao healthy they are better, added a nice piece add the deadline in Martin to stretch floor when Yao draws doubles
    10. Memphis- good young team who with time should get better (Mayo and Gay can improve)
    11. Golden State- Added Lee and can not be as unlucky with injuries as they were last year = improvement
    12. Sac- great draft and Evans will get better as he matures
    13. Clippers- Clearly much better with Blake and had a good draft as well
    14. New Orleans- a healthy CP3 makes this team better and a playoff conteder
    15. T-Wolves- even they should be better with the additions of Johnson, Beasley and improving players like Flynn, Love

    I don't see how the West got worse....

    You could argue that the East improved more but that does not mean the teams in the West can not improve as well...Sometimes in sports you can improve but your oponents improve more...For example lets say everything goes right for the Raps...DD becomes a star AB7 continues to improve, Amir learns how to stay on the floor and we improve....BUT Phily/Jersey/Knicks all improve more with early picks and big name free agent signings....

    Don't sleep on the West...Teams like Portland/Dallas/Thunder/San Antonio/Utah/Maybe Denver/ Maybe Houston could all see the Lakers in West final and should still be considered threats to LA and really good teams...

    The East has 3 really good teams...Miami, Orlando, Boston, and Chicago will try to join them...Atlanta is a fraud, Milwaukee is still not there yet....

    West is deeper...East has 3 legit contenders and the Champ to be in the Heat...

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    Quote smushmush wrote: View Post
    Denver still has the unresolved issue with Carmelo Anthony which may affect their season a la Bosh and LeBron James and George Karl's health issues, Houston still has the "Will Yao Ming recover fully from his knee issues" problems, New Orleans with the Chris Paul saga and Phoenix frontline is actually a joke now(Hedo at the 4? really? Hakeem Warrick filling in for Stoudemire? lol). My point is that the West is actually in a muddle after this years' free agency, when you are seeing teams like OKC and Portland(like their system of development but both need an additional year to be legitimate playoff threat especially for Portland) in the top 5 then the West has gotten weak.
    The Raptors missed the playoffs because they weren't good enough. The Cavs won 61 games because of James' dominance and enough depth to compliment him. The Nuggets have a very good team, they'll show up. The Rocket don't need Yao to take a shot at 7th or 8th. New Orleans only did poorly last season because Paul missed half the year. I don't think there is a "Chris Paul saga". They're not trading him and he backed off. They have lots of talent. The Suns lost Amare but they've always been a team about ball movement and offense. They lose some defense and a lot of offense and rebounding with Amare out but I think they'll still score a lot of points. They added some good players elsewhere to help compensate the loss in a talent a little. I think they'll still be in the hunt for a spot as long as Steve Nash doesn't take a step back this season. I agree the west lost a step but they're still top dogs this season. The back end of the eastern playoffs is much more a crap shoot.