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Thread: Another Ed Davis Thread - Can Davis And Johnson Play Together Effectively?

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    unless theyre dribbling a basketball thru traffic (not gunna be pretty).

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    Quote vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
    johnson can score in the post ?? lol against who ?
    Here are some stats from

    Percent of his Field Goals Attempts From The Inside---79%
    FG% on Inside shots--------------------------------70.7%

    These are Johnson's point per possession in the following situations and his NBA ranking in points per possession in each situation as well as his overall ppp and overall ppp ranking in the NBA.

    amir johnson

    pick & roll:----------------1.38 ppp,----- 4th
    post-up:------------------- 1.21 ppp,---- 4th
    offensive reb:------------- 1.28 ppp,---- 25th
    transition:----------------- 1.54 ppp,----- 4th
    overall:-------------------- 1.14 ppp,---- 6th
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    Quote Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    I don't think so. It appears you think so.

    So why don't you define a "small ball unit" as you understand it according to height, weight, scoring skills/location and anything else that you want to define it.

    I have already defined it as I see it. A small ball unit is one in which the average height of the players is below average, one in which the low post game is very limited and one in which the rebounding is significantly below average. Though the last point could apply to a unit that has the other two qualities but just can't rebound.

    Now it is your turn

    Are you up to it.? or are you going to respond with some sarcasm or an attempted put down?
    Like I said to each their own. If that's what you call a small ball line up so be it. I'm not going to waste time arguing over something I know with someone I don't know. I adhere by the never argue with a fool because from a distance you can't tell who is who- especially over the internet- doctrine. Not a diss, just keepin' it 100%.

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    Quote vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
    johnson can score in the post ?? lol against who ?
    Reggie Evans, blindfolded on his knees.

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