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Thread: Chris Bosh Thinks Loyalty Has No Place In Free Agency

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    Default Chris Bosh Thinks Loyalty Has No Place In Free Agency

    Well, here goes Chris Bosh again, talking too much and thinking too little. What place should loyalty have in free agency, from the perspective of the team and the player?

    Bosh: It should have none. Loyalty is an added bonus. It's great that some guys want to be loyal, but you can be unhappy trying to be loyal, and there's no reason to bring loyalty into the business room. It's like if you try to buy something from your friend for five bucks and then find another guy is selling the same thing for four, and your friend wants to know, "What about the loyalty?" And you're thinking, "I don't want to spend five dollars."

    People have to look at it as a business. Fans get very wrapped around it because it's a sport. And sports are a little different but they're businesses first and that's how we have to choose sometimes. Sometimes people understand, sometimes people don't.

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    It's just a dollar! Jesus, Bosh.. Why are you so cheap! You're a millionaire!

    Okay, that may not be his initial point.. Most people WOULD rather help their friend out, in my opinion, just to be clear.

    Bosh is just trying to make it sound like he knows what he's talking about, nothing's changed. I'm officially done reading any