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Thread: Does Anybody Else Find This Type Of Attitude In A Fan Tasteless?

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    Quote vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
    ok that doesnt answer any real questions does it ?

    you said you measure gm's by "Teams playoff appearances and Finals rings relative to other GMs to judge them. If a GM does at least as well as half the other GMs in those two categories he is average. Above that he is above average and below that he is below average"

    ok so how do you know if he doing as well as half the gm's in the league ?

    so pretty much what you're saying is you compare him to all of the other gm's in the league right ?

    wel what are you comparing ?? you said you dont like individual moves.. so what then are you using to measure one gm to another ?
    I have already explained it.

    I can't explain it any clearer than I have already.

    I am not going back and re-explaining my position since I have made it as clear as I can.

    If you don't understand it then try rereading it or maybe I can not communicate my ideas in a way that you understand. Fair enough No one is at fault. It is just a communication problem.

    In any case I am done with this and it is time to move on.

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    yea but you just said you compare him to other gm's and i am simply asking ok well what are you comparing ?

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    im just trying to point out that one of us is arbitrarily saying "yea that gm is average, that gm is below average, and so on"

    and the other is measuring how each move impacts the team now and 2-3 years from now...

    what are you using to say bc is average and the gm of (insert random team) is not ?

    is he better b/c his win loss record is better than that of the sacramento kings ?

    its ok dont answer.... cuz i dont think you yourself know...

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    Quote nubreed000 wrote: View Post
    You pretty much nailed it
    Quote Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    Nope, but he did hit the little nails and totally missed the big ones

    1. BC was named NBA executive of the year with the Raptors
    2. The Raptors have made the playoffs in 2 of his 4 full seasons and missed by one game in one other. Compare this to the Raptors in the four years prior to BC when the Raptors never made the playoffs once. Since he didn't sign until the spring of 06, 05-06 goes to his predecessor.
    3. The Raptors in his 4 full seasons as GM/Pres have a cum won lost record of minus 6. In the prior four seasons it was minus 94.

    So quite obviously the Raptors have been a lot better team during his tenor than they were before.

    I think why a lot of Raptor fans attack him is because the Raptors were so successful on a historical basis in 2006-07 his first full season, so they

    1. Expected the Raptors to continue to improve after that but the Raptors have not
    2. Give the credit to the Raptors success in 2006-07 to his predecessor.
    3. Have become disenchanted with the Bargnani pick at #1 because so far he has not worked out like you would expect a #1 pick to work out.
    little nails ? missed the big ones ?? umm if you are going to respond to a post and say someone missed something, why dont you just say what it is and instead of saying "he missed the big ones" and then you dont even explain what i missed...

    by the way i forgot to add BC gave a contract extension to smith, and then fired him not even a year later...

    wonder why bosh left for the heat ? umm i dont know maybe because if you are a player who wants to win you dont want to be coached by some rookie like triano...

    hmmm with the money wasted on smitch, could we not have gone after a real proven coach ?

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