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Thread: Raptors vs Bulls Oct 20 Thread

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    Quote grindhouse wrote: View Post
    Steve Kerr has better Defense than Jose Calderon! I am sorry to have to air this guy out but Jose Calderon is a 100% bonafide scrub. He clearly does not have any concept of what defense is.

    I wish I had the tools here to make a video of how many times Calderon got blown by in this game. I am not even talking about calderon getting caught on picks or screens, straight blow-bys. To make things even worse jack did no better, D.rose had 20 points and 9 assists which is about 40 points of offensive production. He had more offensive production than jack and calderon combined in this game.

    its a rebuilding year lets scrap both these guards they are not the future of this organization. The motto of this team this year is defense so I say if you can't play it you need to go.
    yea but scoring is what d.rose does. its not an easy task for anyone in the league to guard him. the only guy that managed to take him last year was dwight, when rose tried to run into him but only ended up hurting himself

    the only weird stat is his assists actually, almost one off from double double, which he almost never gets.

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    you guys should just enter the "chat" during the game, its a lot easier and quicker than all these posts... its on the homepage when the game starts fyi
    Keep Calm & Chive On

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    Quote Hotshot wrote: View Post
    Why does it seem for every year Calderon signed the big contract he got older by 3 years?! I mean forget the defence, the one thing that still keeps him in the league is the offence and that was the worst performance I ever seen out of him tonight.
    Missed the game but that does not sound good. Let's hope he turns it around for trade value alone.

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    next up: the 514. Oh and the Knicks. If the raps break a c note do we get free poutine? Steamies? C'mon we at least get to riot downtown, smash some windows, overturn a cop car or two right? I mean it's Montreal!

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