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Thread: Terrence Williams Check On LBJ

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    Default Terrence Williams Check On LBJ

    Watching the Cavs/Nets as I wait for the Rasps game. T-Will just body checked LBJ out into the stands. He got T'd up but not ejected. Last play of the quarter James drained a three right in his face. Miami is beating the hell out of the Nets. I am not looking forward to seeing them against the Raps...

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    To best honest, Lebron did deserve that. I'm all for having fun on the court, but what they were doing was rubbing it in Jersey's faces. I remember he did that last year to the Bulls in a game in Cleveland. He was the catalyst dancing non-stop, on the court and off - then wanted to pick a fight with Joakim Noah when Noah stood up and said something about it.

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