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Thread: Should Raptors Take a Chance on Oden?

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    Love this reference from

    Here's the e-mail Dan B. sent me about Oden. Pretty much sums it all up:

    Seriously, what the f**k is wrong with Greg Oden's body??? Does his cock weigh that much that it's putting strain on his lower body and destroying his knees??? It's just getting sad at this point. Dude's played 82 TOTAL games over two partial seasons in his career, and now he's managed to need microfracture surgery on the knee that DIDN'T already have microfracture surgery. I almost want to fly to Portland to just give the poor guy a hug at this point.

    The reference was dirty, but it was funny as hell.

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    Portland's made a qualifying offer of over $8 million. So if the Raps were truly interested it would be for quite the sum for such a risk. The article on I read said that the view around the league is that Oden's value is percieved at the mid-level exception
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    Yaa let's sign a guy who barely plays because he's made out of paper to a big fat contract. He isn't even worth the league min. because it shouldn't cost you anything to have an invisible player on your team.

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    Default Why not?

    I'd gamble on him. He'd sure up the middle and would help allow Bargnani to play the four. His bad luck has to be behind him. He's young and still has time to recoup from his set backs.

    Oh, and keep Brian! He's set the Raptors up for future success. A move the took gumption in a contract year. This is the first time they've had a solid young foundation. Success doesn't happen over night.

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    Yes. And ship bargnani to italy

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