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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    Quote Craiger wrote: View Post
    I wasn't claiming that YOU used that argument to defend Bargnani. Rather that the same argument was used to defend Bargnani. Things like his teammates were stealing his rebounds, his teammates were so bad at offense Bargnani was getting double or triple teamed and shot a bad %, his defense only looked bad because Jose and Demar were pylons, he needed to take alot of long 2s or 3s because his teammates couldn't shoot and/or to open things up for his teammates etc.

    The reality is Demar is inefficient because of what he is capable of doing and how he does it.

    So we shouldn't expect a starting/core player/10mil a year player to play like it? How do you seperate that from, what I assume is, a desire to see a team win?

    If John Lucas was given a max contract and became the teams franchise player while continuing to play the same way that would be acceptable? After all no one would expect him to live up to those lofty goals... so it would be fine. Right?

    Its not a matter of my personal expectations of Demar. Trust me when I say, much like Bargnani, my expectations of him are low. Real low. But he still exists as a key player on this team (minutes, $s, usage etc) and as such, if this team is going to win or go anywhere, he needs to play like it. Until that changes, ie his role is reduced or traded etc, it really doesn't matter if I or anyone else expects Demar to be a superstar or a complete zero. He has to play up to the usefulness and expectations of his role. He's not a trading card, he is a player. What he does (or does not do) impacts results.

    I'm a fan of this team, not its players aside from their function to this team. I could care less how much or little success anyone has except for how it does and will impact results.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm rare in that belief.......
    i think its bizarre that you can be a 'fan of the team' but don't care about the players. whats the point if you don't actually like anyone playing?

    as for the whole contract argument, i agree with TRX. were you expecting derozan to ask for LESS money or something?

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    Quote TRX wrote: View Post
    Of course, but my point is that one observation makes sense and one doesn't. It makes sense to say, "Demar will be paid $9.5 million next season? What was Colangelo thinking?" It doesn't make sense to say, "Demar will be paid $9.5 million next season? Why isn't he a top ten SG?" Not only does he have to make up for his own deficiencies, he has to make up for Colangelo's? You can't really expect him to play like a $10 million a year player just because he's paid like one; you should expect though that if he's not a $10 million a year player that he doesn't get paid like one.

    It's kind of a subtle difference, but the point is: yes, the effect on the team is the same, but you're holding the wrong party accountable.
    In the salary cap reality of the NBA, you can't really separate the two though. Every franchise has a limited amount of money to build a winning team, so getting positive 'bang for you buck' out of every dollar spent is critical. Yes, there are 2 parts to the value equation for every player: contract amount and player production. Whether the player is to blame for not 'earning' his contract or management (or supply & demand realities in the league at the time of the contract signing/extension) is to blame for offering 'too much' to the player, the net result is the same; insufficient 'bang for your buck'. That's the conclusion I've arrived at for DeRozan and I think both parties are partly to blame in his case, but the source of blame doesn't really matter at the end of the day.

    I wouldn't be nearly as hard on DeRozan if he was going to be making around the MLE (ie: $4-6M per season). I'd even suggest he be moved into the 2nd unit, so the redundancy with Gay could be minimized and he could ideally become more efficient scoring against the opposition's 2nd unit. However, his contract - within the