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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan - PER vs Other Top 20 Scorers (post #8426)

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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    Those stats are dreadful... and it's the thing he does best! His 3pt shooting is even worse. Such inefficient scoring! As long as Gay and DeRozan are part of the same starting unit, this team can only ever hope to win on the odd nights when both their shots are dropping...
    He is around the average for guards in the NBA shooting 50% or higher for a wing is reserved for elite players Cs and PFs. DeMar is a second option wing player thats actually average-good for his position.

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    Quote Soft Euro wrote: View Post
    Well, you say that he is our scorer, but you also say that he can't take it to the hole and that shooting isn't his strength. You argue that he is basically a volume scorer and that's his role. If that's his role, there are plenty of players who can do that for far less money ... if you want that role at all (from a player who can't create).

    The difference with Bryant (besides the obvious difference in quality and defense) is that Bryant creates for himself and others, draws double teams and can (but doesn't always) pass out of them. Bryant also can help win games in other ways than scoring, something which DeRozan doesn't really show a lot.
    What you followed with the bold I would add his shot selection.

    DeMar's #1 most frequent shot is 16-24 (449attempts) feet with 0-8ft (401attempts) being #2, 8-16ft (261attempts) #3, and 24+ft (120attempts) #4.

    Kobe on the other had #1 most frequent shot is 0-8ft (518attempts) with 24+ft (401 attempts) #2, 16-24ft (378) #3, and 8-16ft (292) #4.

    Personally, I think this is a big difference that should be brought up in any comparison of Kobe to DeMar. It should also be noted that Kobe is hardly a proficient 3pt shooter either - just 33.6% on his career and not over 33% in his last 4 seasons (about 32%).

    But that 32% on 100 shots makes 96 points whereas DeMar's 41% on 16-24ft creates just 82 points. DeMar has to up that 16-24ft shooting percentage to 47% to equal Kobe's 32% on 3's. Also DeRozan was 155th in the league in percentage in this shot but the 2nd most attempts.

    This is depressing.
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