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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    Quote JoePanini wrote: View Post
    If you want to see mature, check this. (watchout for his reply)

    Andrea Bargnani is a great player, he is the best center in the NBA. I am an Italian white guy.
    Don't feed the troll.

    Quote hateslosing wrote: View Post
    We've been saying it forever, if DD makes jumpers he will be an elite scorer. Last night was no fluke: he came out and hit two midranged jumpers. His man had to play him tighter and he dominated him. Expect these games from him more and more often as his jumper gets more consistent and I could see them being common by the end of the season.

    15-17, 5-7 rebs, 3-4

    Man, it he puts up 17/7/4 he'll be in the top 40 players in the NBA in all three categories. Those are all-star numbers.
    Josh Smith has been putting up those #s for years (plus a bunch of blks & stls) on a winning team and has yet to be named an all-star.

    A this point even if DD averages 20/5/5 his name won't even be on the ballot.

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    It seems that a good number of fans have incredibly high expectations for where Demar is supposed to be in terms of skill development. Anyone expecting Demar to suddenly make a leap into the upper-echelon of the league is delusional. But to expect to see development of both skill and intensity from Demar is reasonable. There was a stretch in the 4th quarter tonight against Miami where Demar clearly tried to take over...which is not something he would have done at any point last year. I have been impressed with his development and he could become a very efficient and capable player in short time if he continues to have the freedom to attack.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Can he do it night in and night out and this high level? That is my question.

    He made the shots last night but many of the games I've seen this season, he has not been able to take the contact and finish. I am not trying to start a debate because I really do hope you are right. It will most likely take the rest of this season to get any idea on what his future potential and role with the Raptors will be.

    Again, I do hope you are right.
    It's a matter of decent touches. He's still ignored on offense a lot of the time. Won't get even a simple touch to swing the ball in a play. Julian Wright took 3 ridiculous shots against the Heat. I'd have preferred DeMar taking the reigns with the lineup of Jose, DeMar, Wright, Amir, and Andersen. He's the only true scorer there. That lineup played the majority of the 3rd quarter.

    One thing though. Check out how often DeMar is assisted on field goals this year compared to last. He's maintaining a fairly high shooting percentage while doing a lot more on his own. Majority of his shots last year were spot up j's, and cuts. This year, he's driving into the paint, and creating jumpers for himself. Check

    I'm loving his shot selection. It's cliche with Raptors fans, but once his midrange j becomes consistent, he's going to be deadly. The handle is fine. The shot selection? Fantastic. The aggression? Perfect.

    Just get him the ball.