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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    Quote Nick wrote: View Post
    Your lucky you can hide behind Raptors Republic to voice your opinion, because if you said this shit to people who were physically visible, you would get beat up.
    Internet thugs...*yawn*
    Eh follow my TWITTER!

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    Quote tbihis wrote: View Post
    calm down reason to get nasty....
    Apollo, i think you need to get in the middle of this....
    I agree, I think threats of violence must be a violation on this board!!

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    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    Just because you get a block or a steal doesn't mean you were playing good defense. A block can be a result of playing good defense (for example rotating properly and protecting the lane) or bad defense (trying to block everything, whether they get out of position to do so or not) and you can get a steal as a result of good defense (staying in front of your man and moving your feet while deflecting a pass) or bad defense (gambling). Usually the guys that gets steals and blocks from bad defense play on bad teams, which is why you take numbers like that from a player on a bad team with a grain of salt.

    An example. I play basketball often with a guy who is a great shotblocker, but is not a good defender. He absolutely loves to block shots, so will try and jump after anything close to him, and he gets a lot of blocks. He also allows a lot of easy baskets because he falls for a lot of fakes, gets himself out of position a lot and often lets a man drive by him in order to block him from behind. Sometimes this results in a block, sometimes a layup. If he, instead of trying to block as many shots as he does, would simply play good solid defense, move his feet and use his length, rather than his jumping ability, to disrupt the shot, it would be a lot harder to score on him.

    When I'm bringing the ball up the court, I'm a good enough ball handler that it's rare I'll turn the ball over, but that doesn't stop a lot of guys from trying to pressure me and gamble to try and steal the ball. What usually happens when a defender does this is I will use his gamble to drive by him and either go for a layup or draw another defender to give my teammate a good shot. Instead of trying to go for a steal, what the defender should have done is simply moved his feet to stay in front of me. It might not have resulted in a steal, but it also, more than likely, wouldn't have resulted in an open shot for my team.

    So in these last two cases, going for a block or a steal was a bad thing.

    If you chuck up a dozen half court shots, just because you make one of them doesn't mean it was a good shot. It was still a bad shot, it just went in.
    Sorry Tim but i think you need to put your arguments and contents in perspective, i admire the comparisons and examples, but youre veering way too out of context.

    We're talking about the NBA here, not pickup games. Although your points are valid and well noted, it doesnt really fall into context. You cant compare, no offense, a guy playing in a pickup game to pro basketball. We were talking about good defense in an NBA setting, not in any gym across the world. If you consider every gym in north america then heck i consider myself a good, no, make it an excellent defender coz i can keep an opposing player in front of me. im pretty sure i can average 3 stls a game without "gambling" on the defensive end. But can i do that consistently, 48 minutes a game, 82 games in 5 months against 6 - 7 foot 200 pounders? i dont think so. so if i can defend guys my size or even a bit bigger, then that makes me a good defender right? but if you put me in the NBA, and i cant guard anybody,