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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    Quote ceez wrote: View Post
    Where did these handles/rebounding come from?
    I told y'all. This dude is only going to get better. We are witnessing the rise of a star player

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    Quote ceez wrote: View Post
    Where did these handles/rebounding come from?
    He's been showing better dribbling skills through the pre-season and certainly in the games. I know I have commented on it. Maybe more in evidence against Minny, but I would say the competition level was lower so he could try and do more.

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    DeRozan has been VERY impressive over the past 2 games. If I have to nitpick, I'd say his man-defense is still somewhat below average, but he's hitting his shots (and taking good shots), playing aggressively in the post, and getting his hands in the passing lanes and deflecting passes. He's even getting in on the boards, which is more than we can say about our Italian friend....

    Really like what I saw over the weekend. If DeRozan keeps up this pace, the $38 million is money well spent.
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    Default Everything Demar

    I debated putting this in one of the other threads that seem to debate whether he is worth the new contract figures or whether he forms a top 10 back-court, but in the end, I wanted to focus on Demar's performances so far, and not in the context of money or ranking guard-duo's around the league.

    What I (we?) knew about Demar before this season was:
    - great athlete
    - excellent at getting to and making free throws
    - raw defensively (still)
    - no outside shot
    - pressed into #1 scorer-role last season

    What I (we?) wanted to see from Demar this season:
    - more efficient scorer (increase FG%)
    - more range on jump shot
    - better defence

    So far I have seen Demar demonstrate 2 of the 3 things I wanted to see this season.

    Demar seems to be playing better defence. He is using his speed and athleticism to getting into the passing lanes, which is giving him steals and deflections. While he isn't a lock-down defender, he certainly seems to be an active defender who is improving. Demar is still very young (23 yrs old, 4th season after 1 and done at USC) and lock-down defenders a very rare without lots of experience. So to say that he