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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    hmm Belli or should we just call him John? hah. more like john doe... I'm worried that it would mess up the rotations a bit, and well It just seems he isn't as consistant as he was earlier in the season with his quick release shot... he's gone cold for quite sometime now... If he proves me wrong its great to get that extra help from the bench and I would love to give him more minutes... I just don't think its gonna happen this late in the season though.

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    Quote James Ballswin (Realizar) wrote: View Post
    Who would you rather have defending LBJ/Wade/Pierce/JJ/VC/etc in what should be playoff atmosphere games for the rest of the season: DD or Wright?

    If the Raptors make the playoffs I think Wright is an absolute must for the starting lineup. No one on the team playing a significant role, besides Turkoglu or Amir, has the kind of playoffs experience he does.

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    Default Bargnani and DeRozan

    Reading Raptors HQís article, ĎAll About Andrea - The Definitive Breakdown of the Raptorsí Biggest Enigmaí ( ) (itís a good read) ... I got to thinking about how this team is gonna look come next season.

    Weíll have to wait to see who is where and all that but ... I think itís fairly certain that two of the important cogs in Colangeloís mix will be Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan.

    But what that made me think about is that I canít seem to recall the two of them really playing off of each other at all. And actually, I seem to remember thinking a few times over the season, that DeMar almost pointedly did not involve Bargs in his play. (Am I remembering wrong, there? Could be, but I donít think so.)

    If I was Colangelo, I think I might dream up one or two ways to get those two guys to know each other better - a lot better - than I think they currently do. Like, have dinner together every night for a week ... and spend an hour or so every day, that same week, in the gym, just the two of them, practicing together. Or maybe send DeMar to Italy or Bargs to Compton (can you imagine?) for a week. I donít know if teams do things like this, but it might not be as crazy as it sounds.

    Itíd be a good way to start things off between them for a short stretch before training camp, cuz ... I just have a feeling that if they could learn to work together, their respective talents might combine nicely ... and if they could develop any kind of on-court chemistry, it could make for a faster start next season for the both of them.

    With Bosh gone (yeah, if), weíll need some re-inventing of things as they are ... and Bargs and DeRozan might be a good place to start.

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    Not a bad start, but neither player ( granted, Demar being a rookie ) looked like they want to