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Thread: Turning the spotlight back on the suits: How much does Stern make?

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    Default Turning the spotlight back on the suits: How much does Stern make?

    David Stern, the commissioner of the only pro sports league with a salary cap for players, has a yearly salary of $3.5 million that exceeds the combined annual salaries of the three other major pro sports commissioners.

    Paul Tagliabue of the National Football League is paid $1 million a year, baseball's Fay Vincent earns $500,000 and the National Hockey League's John Ziegler $425,000. Stern has just received a five-year contract worth $27.5 million that includes a $10 million bonus.

    ''David is very deserving,'' said the Phoenix Suns' president Jerry Colangelo.(AP)
    NY Times

    Keep in mind that this number is 20 years ago so you could probably double it. We talk all the time about how much players are overpaid but at the end of the day the men in charge are making big bucks in their own right. If only the publicized that. I think they would prefer to keep the spotlight on the players and count their cash elsewhere.
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    You can also add the numerous bets that Stern and the suits made, They must made a hell of a lot money on Game 6 (the 4th) in LAL-SAC series . Just kidding but seriously at least he doesn't make 18 mill like Bud Selig, now thats a real joke. Selig is the worst Commissioner in the Big 4 leagues and hes getting paid the most (or I think he is).

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    Stern is for all intents and purposes the CEO of a billion dollar+, multinational corporation. He probably makes better than $15M a year after bonuses, etc. If you look at comparable positions at like sized companies this is fine. Especially considering that during his tenure DS has been the most dynamic commisoner in American sports.

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