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Thread: Raps and NBA Draft conspiracy

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    Quote funkie wrote: View Post
    also, don't forget that we also won the 1996 draft but weren't eligible for the 1st overall pick.

    no offence pureraptors, but highlights and bad music don't prove anything.

    watch this video on this awesome point guard. he breaks down the defence, penetrates the lane and is a marksman from downtown

    why did we trade this guy?

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    Camby? Because I think he wasn't happy. Never heard that one before in Raptorland... The Raptors weren't happy about the injuries either. They'd of never gotten Oakley otherwise by the way.

    I think it was a blow to his ego being moved to make way for two old-timers(traded for Oak and then they signed Kevin Willis).

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    Quote Kuh wrote: View Post
    I actually see one player in the draft who I am really excited about, who I think we have an excellent chance to nab - if we are willing to be brave with our pick and ignore consensus: Bismack Biyombo.

    Ignore his listed 6'8" height - look at his 9'3" standing reach. His incredible wingspan makes him effectively taller than 7 footers. He is apparently a top shot blocker, a top defender with great instincts, an astounding athlete, a good rebounder, and has the motor and passion of a Kevin Garnett.

    His offense is very raw (other than dunks and putbacks) ... but we have proven that we can teach offense to big men. He went from ignored on the bench to starting in the Spanish league just because when he was given a chance to play by injury ahead of him he outperformed. I would expect the same here.

    I say draft him, resign Reggie Evans (at the right price) to help keep up Bismack's rebounding and motor, and trade Bargnani for scoring at the wing. Then we have a frontcourt of: Bismack, Amir, Ed, Reggie. Sure, it may not look great in 2012, but by 2013 it should be very, very, good.
    Looks like the Biyombo guy is in the Serge Ibaka mold, if he is, yes, he is needed here . His defense has won me over, even if his offense sucks, we have an offensive big man coach in Alex English that will make him good enough .

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    Quote charlz wrote: View Post
    As Harrison Barnes follows Jared Sullinger back to NCAA (instead of the draft) both were consensus top 5 picks ... WTF!!!

    call me Machiavellian if you will but examine the facts...

    1995 NBA said Canadian Franchises could Draft no higher than 6(VAN) 7 (TOR)
    Missing out on Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett
    despite the fact that CHARLOTTE got to draft 2nd in 2004

    Fast forward...

    2005 Raps get first over all pick but it is the first year NBA insisted players not come directly out from high school Diluting the Draft pool of Kevin Durant and Greg Oden among others.

    Fast Forward...

    2011 an handful of the very best lottery picks are returning to school or wavering because there may not be hoops next year due to labor issues. Barnes was my 2nd favorite pick in this draft to Irving - he is a stellar young kid.... shame.

    Draft is looking more and more like crap
    now Draftexpress has 5 international players in top 10. I wouldn't ever bother with the pick at this point if you cant get Irving. TRADE IT or TRADE DOWN and take Kemba...

    After suffered through a 20 win season the prize at the end of the tunnel is dimming .. what a RIPOFF!

    i guess i'm not crazy for thinking this, it's so obvious this shit is rigged
    "the raptors were my fav team growing up"-kevin durant

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    Default stupid are these kids that are not coming out,u have the oppurtunity 2 be in the top 5 picks and u don't come out,hellooooo..are u talking 2 ure family or ure agent.
    Yes I understand there is a lock out coming up,but the draft is before the collective bargainging agreement and when u drafted the agreement affects right away,and it's not like u make any money when ure playing for college,if u have 2 wait for owners and players 2 settle,then do it....but now ure gonna stay in school,is not like ure gonna be school 2 graduate or improve basketball talent,which most of the players that would come out don't need,bc they are ready for the nba..while college schools make money on ure ass...this is what happends with young kids..don't get it...
    U are loosing a lot of money,what if u get hurt,u get hurt,IT'S the pay scale for rookies next year will be different,I hear it's gonna be WAY LESS...
    If I had the tallent 2 jump I would,screw school,go make money.
    If this is bc of raptors..THEN THERE ALL CLUELESS.

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    Kemba is a top 5 pick in this draft and I wouldn't be surprised if he went top 3. Trading down makes no sense. Trade up or keep it. Plus, have some hope, no one said we don't have a shot at the #1 pick. Although, Stern might feel otherwise...

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