Jack and Calderon both played in Wednesday night’s win in Orlando, putting up a combined 20 points and 15 assists, and at times dominating the game whether they were on the court at the same time or not.

Triano is using Calderon in the proper manner at the moment; bringing him off the bench so he gets back into game-shape as well as not allowing his return to disrupt the chemistry Jack has built with the starting unit over the past month because clearly what Jack is doing is working as they’ve won seven of their last eight.

Calderon’s return is also greatly timed because you would much rather he return while the team is winning, otherwise he’d be put back in the starting point guard position and be asked to save the season, be the team’s knight in shining armor and that would have disaster written all over it.

If you trade Calderon now, I will not believe for a second that you expect to win a round in the playoffs having Marcus Banks leading your bench at the point guard slot.

Sure Banks did an acceptable job as the back-up point guard in Calderon’s absence, specifically on the defensive end, but tell me you don’t cringe every time it looks as if he’s ready to take a shot.

Having two point-guards of Jack’s and Calderon’s caliber should be a luxury Triano takes full advantage of. It’s not about whether or not there should be a trade, the key here is how well Triano can integrate Calderon back into line-up without hindering team chemistry and using his assets to the team’s advantage.

Jack’s playing well and it is Calderon’s job to play his way back into the starting line-up, something he’s fully aware of ...or of course wait to see if Jack plays himself off it.

In the end, trading Calderon at this point in time makes no sense because there are too many variables that are undefined. It’s a move that would make more sense in the off-season once you know where Chris Bosh’s head is at, because like it or not all moves from here on out will be made based on his decision to stay or go.

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