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Thread: Draft Profile: Brandon Knight

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    problem is we already have Jose and Bayless on our roaster, and i can't see Knight or even Kemba bringing a different skill set than Bayless. Plus with BC current 2 year extensions, it only makes sense to see what Bayless can do b/c hes already been in the league compared with Knight or Kemba.

    That being said, i feel that Kemba will be better than Knight, because of the intangibles Kemba possesses. I feel had Kemba been 1-3 inches taller, he wouldve been the best player in this draft.

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    I think Knight has a chance to drop past #3 ... but I can also see Cleveland trading down from #4 to #7 where the Kings pick, and are really high on Knight. Cavs could take a SF at #7 and grab another asset in the process.
    -If Knight isn't there, I don't think Kemba is one of the next top options ... Biyombo and Kawhi, in that order.
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    Quote Mike Vick wrote: View Post
    I like knight a lot.He Had so much hype coming out of high school and I think he will be a good pro,but he seems a lot like some of the other guys on our team,nice guy,laid back.I think the number one thing we need on this team is leadership and personality and there hasn't been a guy with as much of those qualities in the last couple years than my boy kemba.I will be happy either but I I wil be crossing my fingers for Kemba and not drafting Vessely.
    I agree the team is in desperate need of leadership. With that said I don't think Kemba is a good enough player to walk in the room and lead this team. Leadership is a natural trait but is useless with out the respect of the guys in the room and unless the player is an elite talent (no knock on Kemba but he's not) getting guys who've been in the league to follow a rookie isn't going to happen IMO.

    Kemba's leadership was obvious but he had also been in that program for 3 years. Knight came in and also led his team although be it more in a actions speak louder then words fashion. The kid hit multiple game winners and took the big shot showing me he's not scared and wants to be in those situations. I think he's be a much better then Walker at the next level but only time can tell. Fingers crossed a lock out is avoided.

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