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Thread: Sebastian Pruiti: "Jonas Valanciunas & Andrea Bargnani Can Work Defensively"

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    Quote ihatehaters wrote: View Post
    Wow. Do you know where I can get a good deal on some fuschia lamp shades? Oh sorry - this is a bball forum...

    Fuchsia shade lamps? That was SOOO 1990s.
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    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    Actually, Oden's dream would be to be in the Yao Ming territory. Right now he's not even in the Sam Bowie territory.
    Regardless, looks like Portland's has taken the first step in potentially bringing him back.

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    Quote Apollo wrote: View Post
    Greg Oden is made of glass. He's not worth the risk.
    If Oden is made of glass then Yao is your precious China. I'm sorry, I just had to get it out there. It was too easy. On a side note, I don't like tossing 8.8 mil to a guy who can't even be a practice dummy for the Washington Generals. Same goes for Yao. Although it would be a great marketing tool for Toronto's large Chinese community.
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    I'm trying to wrap my brain around how Bargnani could help anyone defensively? He can't even help himself. If a rookie and young PF, aswell as an undersized (but strong) PF had to cover Cs for Bargnani.... and those same guys had to cover PFs for Bargnani.... how Bargnani is gonna help someone else is a mystery.

    Now if the argument is Jonas can compensate for Bargnani atleast you have a logical argument (one I won't agree with until I see him play in the NBA, but a logical argument none the less).... adding that Bargnani could, in some fashion, help Jonas simply makes it wrong.

    I guess if we take a long term macro view of this then there is reason to believe its possible. If Jonas plays with Bargnani then he will get alot of experience learning help defense in the NBA. Also sometimes the best way to learn is to find out how not to do things, so that could benifit Jonas to.

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