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    Default Voting in KLow

    Dynamic games of Complete information but finite strategy spaces

    Recently I was scanning the raptors boards excitedly thinking to myself Kyle Lowry was a Lock to make the All-Star game with his recent play. He was also a lock to help me win my NBA fantasy league. I was excited to see people share the same sentiment as me only to shockingly find people complaining drake and other Canadian celebrities for not using their star power to help Kyle Lowry to achieve this goal. At first I wasn’t worried but then I saw it on we, and by “we” I actually mean Kyle Lowry, were behind by thousands of votes and out just out of contention for an All-Star starting spot. How could this be possible didn’t we have the home court advantage that comes with hosting the all-star game? At first I was mad with my main home boy drake, but then I remembered back to my university 4th year course in “Game Theory” and I realized Drake was possibly smarter than most thought.
    To give some background information game theory is the study behind strategic decision making. You take probabilities and look at potential payoffs that come with making different decisions and determine an optimal strategy. It seems simple enough when put that way.

    The specific type of “game” that is being played is between the following players
    Drake/other raptors fans
    The casual observer fan in the NBA
    The amount of information known about both players strategies is perfect information and complete. No player has a distinct advantage over the other. The casual NBA fan wouldn’t know, or much less care, what a "cournot duopoly" model is, however this is exactly what it is.

    To put it simply every single day Drake had the decision to “enter” the game by tweeting to get Kyle Lowry votes towards starting in the NBA all-star game. The problem that he faced was as soon as he cast his vote the casual fans would vote for whoever was in front of Lowry in an effort to get who they thought should be a starter (Kyrie Irving). It is important to also add that the raptors have two players who are currently playing like all stars and the best way to get both people into the All-star game is to have at least one of Kyle Lowry or Demar Derozan to be voted in as a started and have the other selected by coaches based on merit. Simply put the competition was just too fierce this year and the Canadian Raptors, while being a top 5 team in the league don’t benefit from having the same level of media coverage as the American teams that are in front.
    Drake decided to play his optimal strategy and wait until last minute to vote giving the opposition no time to retaliate and allowing Kyle Lowry to surge forward in the All-Star Voting.

    Anyways hope y'all enjoyed the quick read. Couldn't finish writing this.

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    biggest mistake of my life was voting Lowry to the all star game, now he is thinking like this "I've made the all-star game now I can coast"

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