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Thread: Everything Valanciunas

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    Quote thead wrote: View Post
    JV's Olympic results should best be judged when they trounce the US in the gold medal game behind JVs 40pts 20 boards 10 assists and 30 blocks...god damn these mushrooms kicked in fast
    if this happens - i'll find you and kiss you to death (no gay though)

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    Quote Skaloon wrote: View Post
    this game wasn't againts puerto rico but againts dominican res.

    you should actually watch the games versus dominican res. Lithuania dominated - valanciunas got easy time. don't wanna bash the kid - but he is yet to play good at important moments of the game for LTU team. game vs puerto rico was so much harded and he fouled out in 6 mins stupidly. hopefully just too much energy - overdid his defense
    Just watched the Dominican game and Valanciunas was very good at very important times in the game. He played 26 minutes! How can you say that all 26 minutes in 40 minute game are "easy time". He was on the floor for the run early in the game that opened the game up. I would love to have seen his +/- in this one because even when he wasn't scoring he was impacting the game. I am impressed with his relentless screening on the offensive end. He captures so much attention on the screen and roll that his teammates are often able to get open 3's and/or open lanes as they follow the screen. He has not been great this tourny and some of the games he has looked outmatched, but you cannot say that in this game he played "easy time" and did not "play good at important moments of the game".

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    JV will apparently be signing in the next couple days according to Doug:

    Quote Doug Smith (Twitter) wrote:
    #Raptors‬ minor deal of James Johnson complete; sources say Valanciunas signed in "next couple of days." Story at soon
    Source - Click here

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    I wonder if he'll be merged in the Lowry/Fields press conference. Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about it?, like when it will be

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