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...now watching him play he is already the best 5 on the team.
Even though everyone knows how well schooled European ballers are, I have to say his play in the pre-season has been a huge surprise. The foul trouble that was expected hasn't materialized. His knowledge of where to be defensively in Casey's system seems spot on, as if he has been playing in it for years. though they aren't finding him often on the pick and roll, he looks like he spent 6 months studying tape of Jose and Amir from the last two years.

What dampened enthusiasm a little were his stats from Europe and the Olympics. And, as has been pointed out on this forum previously by one of his countrymen, I believe, part of that is due to him being a young guy playing on established teams. I think how he was used by his coaches had as much to do with his stats as his ability. And he seems even better suited to the NBA game than Euroleague play.

I am super pumped to see what he is like by the All-Star break. Quite frankly, I don't even care how the Raps do this year, because watching this kid grow into one of the top 2-3 centers in the league in the next three years is going to give me goose bumps.

Oh...I am also super pumped about finding a facility with open gym time that I can get access to for $2.00 a trip. Maybe, with a couple of hours of practice to go along with the twice a week gaming, I can take the 6 blanks I shot during my old-timers game last Sunday and turn them into an ugly 3 for 6.