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I don't think he is as much of a project as people are saying. His footwork is great he has an assortment of post moves, baby hook up and under, turn around jump shot. He is fantastic at creating a pocket of space. He may get called in the NBA for hooking, all though he uses his elbows instead of his whole arm. He looks comfortable shooting from 10-15ft, isn't afraid of contact. I think his curve is going to be more about getting stronger and learning the tricks of the NBA game. Alabi is a project...BigV is a contributor in his first year, maybe not 20/10 but I see 10/10 and 2 blocks as doable. Also he is already above 80% from the free throw line which if you are a prolific offensive rebounder is a fantastic combination to have. Get used to hearing Hoop and Harm or AND1 quite a bit.
I think the thing with JV is if his going to be able to stay on the floor long enough to put up those numbers. I can see him getting in a lot of early foul trouble against bigger 5s