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Damn you Matt, i thought i will leave this away. Club teams just letting the players who was on NT get some rest. Those preparation games means just nothing except of a team trying to prepare for Thursday game (1st euroleague qualification game).
JV playing that game with Belgians means nothing more than him trying to fit into the team.
There is no proper link of this game, because Belgian team like to keep it secret, before Euroleague qualification starting.
That link you posted above, i suppose was from belgium media.
there is the one from Lithuania media:
Not sure why I am being damned.

When I said "Not great video included in the link" I meant the quality of the taping itself - not Jonas or his play.

The link I provided did not have a box score or give minute totals so it is difficult to get an idea of how involved he was offensively and how productive he was.