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So basically if JV becomes as good as or better than CB4 than this team is going to be very very good. Rudy gay paired with Jonas is a very good tandem, something we've never had before. Lets just hope it all pans out, even though it never does for us raptor fans it seems.
There's potential. Val will have issues though. Teams will start game planning for him. Showing him doubles. He'll have to make good decisions. Teams will attack him trying to draw fouls.

It's easy to get too excited about JV but he's likely 3-4 years away from entering his prime. He's only 20/21. I keep telling myself that. Still, while I don't think he's Shaq or Yao or Wilt or Russell, I do believe he can be an elite centre. Maybe I'm wearing the rose coloured glasses but I don't see the comparisons to Chandler and Noah. Those guys are not as good as JV's ceiling.