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You need to ask Father Time for that.... and Alex McKechnie. Santa can only do so much.

And Casey does need to go. He won't have any faith in JV until he is 25.
I really hope that this is Father Time's department, and not Santa's. And I won't be convinced until I actually see him shooting well, because it's such a freaking strange injury.

The best thing to come out of last night's game for me was that Leo said the injury actually started last year when he was with the Knicks. I'd only ever heard that it had started this year. So, more evidence that, if he can heal 100%, he can get back to shooting 40% from three.

And if he does,,,I think he and Val are both players who could be significant contributors to an upper echelon NBA team. And I think Q could as well; I know the sample size is small, but he's shown me enough to think that he could be a very useful first big off the bench (and maybe a starting four, but that would be the best best best case scenario). And just for fun, I'm going to stay open to the idea that Lowry can somehow, some way, play/be used so that his potential is realized.