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Thread: Anyone know a lot about tablets?

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    Default Anyone know a lot about tablets?

    Hey guys.

    I just recently bought a tablet for myself because I figured it'd be great to have a device to hook up to Wi-Fi on the go if I needed it, along with having something for internet when i couldn't use my main computer. It's from a Canadian company called ProScan, and it's very sturdy for 50 bucks.

    However, it runs Androids old OS JellyBean 4.2..... I went to see if I could update the OS, but no updates were available, leaving the device to be meh and not great for a few things, such as running newer apps & browsing the web. Tapatalk is super unresponsive, making me not able to access this website on it.... I've tried to no avail.

    Does anyone know what I could do here? I just want to be able to browse the web with no issues.... I'm thinking of selling the little guy and getting the Nvidia Shield K1 instead (I've heard good things about that tablet).... unless someone can help me out here.
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    I've not performed it but you could look into jail breaking your tablet. Then you can load up whatever OS you want while considering the specs of your device.

    I have a tablet by the way and I prefer using a browser for coming here and viewing the site as desktop instead of mobile. It works well for me.

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