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I guess that's why Casey was retained to save money for Cock! That shit Leafs team still needs talent. Although they do have a lottery pick, they need more - tank 2 more years at least. The current roster is much worse than the current Raptors. At least Raptors won back to back division titles and made the playoffs in back to back seasons. Leafs made the playoffs in a fluke, shortened season then failed to improve, get back and be stuck in mediocrity - too bad to make the playoffs, too good to get a lottery pick.

Same here - I honestly don't give a shit about hockey. I just learned a lot from watching TSN SportsCentre, while waiting for 10 sec Raptor and NBA highlights.
I used to love hockey growing up, but lost interest after school in the late 90's and then most definitely after the salary cap came in and the Yankees of hockey went to shit. But like you, I'm almost forced to sit through a bunch of highlights or hear it all over the sports radio stations in the car, so I kinda still always know what's happening. I can be brought back if they get some good young talent and put a winner out there. However, that won't be for the next few years so I'll continue to be uninvested until/if that happens!