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Thread: The NHL Thread

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    Quote Cody73 wrote: View Post
    Actually, the logo is new. The shape, font, stem & veins are all different than the 2 Leaf's the logo is based off.
    Yes, if we're examining the logos with a high-powered microscope.

    The equivalent would be the Raptors switching from a 3 pointed claw, to a 4-pointed claw. What a transformation!
    "I won't shoot 5 for 19 again...." - DeFrozen (in theaters now)

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    Quote CB4Champ wrote: View Post
    not with that other goalie repping against The Rangers, Leafs Lose....

    think his name is bernier or something, they guy that the Organization would give every chance to be the lead goalie even though he has half the talent of James Reimer. bernier is GARBAGE!!!

    Bernier’s blunder helps sink Leafs in Big Apple: DiManno

    That's the problem with leafs media, they heep too much pressure on the leafs Reppers like James you put these guys lifes under a micro scope and blah blah blah blah on there who lifes like your talking about your favorite hobby.

    There is too much pressure on Leafs Reppers(players not) and when they make mistakes, they get scared silly and they are attacked by the media for times pon times...THATS WHY TORONTO LEAFS CAN'T SIGN BIG STARS...CAUSE YOU TREAT THEM LIKE GARBAGE!!! THE STARS SEE THE OBSESSED PRESSURE YOU PUT ON THEM AND HOW you talk about every minute action they do.

    Here is an Example

    Babbler Announcer: Rumor is Mats Sundin had Corn Flakes for breakfast, How will that affect his game 2 days from now, Annoying analyzer|?

    Annoying Analyzer: Well we know how he did after having that Grapefruit for a snack before his morning skate 3 weeks ago, lets break down the breakfast routine Babbler reporter..When Mats Sundin eats A Fruit or Vegetable for breakfast the leafs are 24wins to 8 losses, when He eats Grainy foods the leafs are 20wins and 17 losses, So it may be that he won't perform as good at the next game .

    Babbler Announcer: What is he thinking???


    Let them Breathe!!! There is other sports inside Toronto,

    Why is there hockey night analyst at the MIDDLE OF SUMMER???


    That's why Leafs can't sign stars!!! And that when guys do sign here they severely under perform..Like Phil Kessel, was pissed all the time He was here!!!

    Very Few guys Can thrive inside the obsession and BUILD...THATS MATS SUNDIN and JAMES REIMER!!! You have extreme talent with those 2, PUT REPPERS AROUND THEM<, You never did for Mats Sundin, You have another Chance with James Reimer Toronto Maple Leafs,

    Think of James Reimer aka The Dreamer as a Young Ed BELFOUR!!! aka The Eagle!!!

    THINK LEAFS!!! Stop Stressing out Your Reppers, Let them Relax, cut back the analyst of the Leafs and Let them be comfortable!!!
    Wow. Leafs have The Best Young Squad of All The Young Viking Crews of the NHL,
    Wheres tha Black Brothas??

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