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Thread: OTPP sells MLSE (37.5% Bell, 37.5% Rogers, 25% Tanenbaum)

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    Its funny how these scum bags were trying to put major cap restrictions on internet earlier in the year crying poor but have enough money to buy up all the sports teams in Toronto.

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    F Rogers and Bell. The only real owner on this team is Tanenbaum.

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    Default CRTC approves BCE, Rogers purchase of MLSE

    The CRTC did reiterate an earlier ruling it made in 2011 that prohibits companies from offering television programs on an exclusive basis to their mobile or Internet subscribers. Any program broadcast on television must be made available to competitors under fair and commercially reasonable terms.

    The Competition Bureau also signed off on the deal in May, but cautioned it would keep a close eye on the outcome for one year and could still bring matters before its tribunal.

    The sale has also received approvals from the various sports leagues.

    Bell spokeswoman Jacqueline Michelis said the deal would close soon, though she had no specific date.

    “We’re happy that the CRTC has approved the MLSE transaction — we’ve now received all required regulatory approvals,” she said.

    Deborah Allan, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, said the deal’s closing was imminent.

    Toronto Star
    Update, nothing stopping this now...thank god! Can't be worse than the previous owners

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