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Thread: Rumour: Jose & Amir for Caron Butler & Jarvis Crittenton

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    Quote Dark Knight wrote: View Post
    I love everything about this deal exept that Amir goes the other way. I somehow Washington would go for a Jose+Evans+pick for Butler, we'd be set.
    I have no problem giving him up, but Jose is playing so well as the backup that I'm fearing we might be passing up a very effective PG combo, one not dissimilar to the one we had three years ago.

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    No interest in adding Caron Butler. Butler is one of the more over-rated players in the NBA. This is a bad trade for Toronto. Butler and Hedo are a poor wing combination defensively + Butler's need for heavy doses of touches/shot attempts will hurt Hedo's offensive play further.

    Trading Turkoglu becomes a necessity if this trade were to go through.

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    I wanted to check how legit the Butler to Toronto rumour I called up a source of mine (willing to provide justification to the mods) to ask about the trade rumour. Apparently there is nothing close to being done. BC does not want to give up Amir at any cost and is willing to trade Jose to make Turkoglu more effective. He said that the chances of T.O landing K-Mart are slim to done. However, Butler trade rumours are legit and T.O & Wash are discussing a trade (however nothing is close to being done--and if we do make a trade--it'll be near the deadline)

    As of right now something like this trade is being offered:
    Jose/Rasho/Wright/2nd round pick


    Butler/Boykins/Deshawn Stevenson
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