No team can succeed without a solid point guard. For the past decade, every team that has taken the title has had a solid point guard. Whether it is the Mavs with Kidd, or the Celtics with Rondo, one of the keys to success is a point guard who can distribute the ball, and play defense. The point guard position for the Raptors has been an area of diversity for the franchise, and an area of intrigue.

The Break down:

The first legitimate star the Raptors ever had was Damon Stoudamire. Mighty Mouse made the Raptors a legitimate team in the NBA, though he played only 4 years with the team. He found a way to average over 8 assists a game in all of his seasons with the Raptors with a pretty bysmal team around him, and he really made his team mates better.

Alvin Williams was the teams point guard after Damon. Though he never scored a ton of points, or averaged many assists, the guy played his heart out on both sides of the court, and turned into the a fan favourite in Toronto. He complimented his team well (keeping egos like VC in line...sorta). Some call him the "best all around Raptor". There is a satisfaction as a fan to see a player work so hard, and Alvin Williams provided that hustle every night.

After Toronto had waived Williams, Mike James ran the point for the Raptors. Like Williams, James was never an amazing distributor, but he was a deadeye shooter, and provided the Raptors with 20 points per game. He was far from a true pg, and a point guard on a changing Raptors team.

Mike James’ Raptor career ended after one season, and the team changed dramatically with the selection of Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors had a prolific point guard duo of Jose Calderon, and T.J. Ford, also known as Forderon. With these two the Raptors pulled off a huge turnaround season (to win 47 games and make the playoffs). The next season was the last for Forderon as T.J. dealt with injuries, and turned into a locker room distraction.

Now begins the Calderon era. He would be the starting point guard up to now, with the Raptors seeing other players like Jack, and most recently Bayless back him up. Calderon is arguably the first "true" pg the Raptors have ever had. He