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Thread: January 25: Utah Jazz

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    Surprising win. Great, gritty effort by the Raps. Defense was very solid, especially in key moments. Bargs didn't shoot the ball well but he made a positive difference on both ends despite the FG% and turnovers. Kudos to Kleiza and Calderon for playing big in OT.

    On the downside, who is going to take the heat for Bargs' injury? Guy has a recurring injury, misses a whack of games, and you run him out there for 80 minutes in a back-to-back? I'm sorry, I know Bargs wants to play and win but this is where the coach has to use some sense and realize what could happen. Now, Bargs could be out for, well, who knows? The two wins were great but now you're without your best player for an indefinite stretch. We've all seen what happens with no Bargnani. Casey has to take a lot of the blame here, along with Colangelo for not protecting his only decent player.

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    Wow, great game - well, I didn't catch the first half but man did Kleiza ever show up in OT! To say I'm relieved to get something from one of our 3's is an understatement. Also, Jose sinking that crazy 3 with only 2 left on the shot clock was pretty sweet!

    Any word on how bad Barney (re)tweeked his calf? Having him back in the lineup for only 2 games was such a tease!

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    Quote stretch wrote: View Post
    It's going to be a long night!
    This was from me from post #2. All along my exact thoughts back in the first quarter were "This is going to go to two overtimes."

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