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Thread: Based on how J.V. has played since the draft...

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    Quote Apollo wrote: View Post
    Well Tristan Thompson was a huge surprise to many. It blew most mocks out of the water from that point on. Colangelo must have been doing double fist pumps when the Cavs called Thompson's name.

    You can see his reaction at 31:10

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    Always the professional cool operator but to paraphase what he said in the clip into something not so politically correct: "Tristan Thompson just went at #4? Are @#$#'in kidding me?! Whoooooooohhh! Oh my God I can't believe those dense Cavs just passed on a stud center for Tristan Thompson. Where is he on our draft board again, like 8th? 10th? Wow, and they didn't even try to trade down--- Err, good for Tristan though. I'm not hating on the hometown boy."

    Seriously though that was a huge break for the Raptors. Had that not went down who knows, maybe the Raptors don't draft at five and look to trade down and instead of being amped about the off-season like we are, maybe we're luke warm right now because maybe the Raptors are 8th seed, not getting a good 2012 pick and everything looks different for next season.

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