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Thread: March 10 - Detroit Pistons - Bargnani returns & Xrays on Calderon negative

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    to me it seems bayless is incapable of adjusting his style of play, he probably doesn't want to........ I say we use the next couple of games to let him chuck up as many shots as he wants, a couple drive and kicks should also give him a couple assists, and then with his numbers looking good lets ship his arrogant, bald ass out for some pg prospects............

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    Quote Soft Euro wrote: View Post
    You mean you don't know the answer yet?
    Haha. I meant he does not have any excuses now as he has the job by default and remain in the pg position rather than moving between 1 & 2. His supporters for the pg position will have to stand by his play and numbers... as well as himself.

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    Quote Bendit wrote: View Post
    Depending on Jose's injury severity this is now truly judgement time for he or isnt he capable of playing the point at a decent level. It shall be interesting to follow this.
    The Answer to your questions is... NO.

    "Any more brain busssters?"

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