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    I think that maybe you should give the GM fantasy, or however you called it, another shot. And keep you rants for that team, maybe in the fantasy world some of your ideas work.

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    This is one of the most ridiculous articles I have ever (tried to)read. Why would you spend all that time and effort into something so meaningless?

    Also, `The Raptor` is one of the best mascots in the league. Only the Gorilla in Phoenix can match up with him in my eyes. Take a look at some of the other mascots in the league ie. Philadelphia and Orlando. WTF!

    You really should be a fantasy league GM. Although if you try to put together a team like your ``European Raptors``, expect to be crushed week in week out.

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    Too many flies in that ointment....sorry. Here are some quickies:

    1) While Toronto is a multicultural town it has no significant Spanish (I mean Spanish not Hispanic) population. I dont think the city goes for it.
    2) Europe is not going to get too excited about a Spanish only nba team based in Toronto..Euros can be pretty nationalistic about their own domain and are in the EC union for theeconomic imperative.
    3) A better fit would be a Chinese team. Toronto has a large Chinese population and I believe Stern is in wetpant mode to explore ways to improve that relationship given the population there and economic benefit. However the talent available (racially/nationally) is probably sparse.
    4) On a personal level I find the notion of having teams in a private professional league (who share equally in the talent pool) to be departing in some circumstances based on a racial or nationalistic basis quirky and unnecessary if not somewhat distasteful.

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