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Thread: Trading For Rondo + Signing Batum and Lee

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    Default Trading For Rondo + Signing Batum and Lee

    I was playing around with some ideas and one thing lead to another, what do you guys think?

    Toronto Trades: Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, 2012 First Round Pick, 2012 Second Round Pick
    Boston Trades: Rajon Rondo

    Assuming we let Bayless and Alabi walk in the off-season and wait before resigning guys like Gray and Magloire we would have $19,880,954 in cap space.

    We could then offer Nicolas Batum $10,000,000 and Courtney Lee $7,000,000. It might be more depending on what Portland and Houston would be willing to match. And then we can resign guys like Gray and Magloire for vets minimum. We could then try and move either Amir Johnson or Ed Davis for a backup PG or sign one with the MLE like Aaron Brooks.

    PG: Rajon Rondo, Aaron Brooks
    SG: Courtney Lee, Alan Anderson
    SF: Nicolas Batum, Linas Kleiza, James Johnson, Gary Forbes
    PF: Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson, Ed Davis
    C: Jonas Valanciunas, Aaron Gray, Jamaal Magloire

    Defensively this team would be great under Casey while also being able to score. Although this is unlikely, it would be a fun team to watch. I think it would definitely put us around the 5-8 seed in the East.

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    How exactly would we have 19mil in cap space? As it is we have 12 million, and using your proposed trade we only gain about a 2 million? I'd much rather trade the 2013 first round pick instead of this years, although it would affect whether we could get the trade or not. With it we could sign someone else, like another wing player (Barnes?) and with our other 2nd round pick we can get a pg.
    Anyhow, I think we could possibly trade Davis for a backup point, maybe someone like Johnny Flynn? With Courtney Lee and Gary Forbes I don't think we'd really have a need for Alan Anderson, and with Batum and JJ, Kleiza wouldn't really be needed, except maybe for JV. If we see Kleiza isnt really helping JV much or at all, we could amnesty him and sign someone else.

    Rondo/Flynn/2nd round pick.
    JV/Aaron Gray/Magloire

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    I also think we'd be fantastic defensively, and we would be able to spread the floor, go inside with Bargs and JV, have cutters with Lee or JJ. Down the stretch of I'd see Rondo/Batum/Barnes/Bargs/JV if we needed offense and Rondo/Batum/JJ/JV/Gray if we needed some stops.

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