This interview was posted in the Free Agency thread by KingMaxwell, but I wanted to shine a little more light on it, as he makes some great quotes throughout the interview.

Catching Up With Vince Carter

On possibly signing with the Raptors:
Quote Vince Carter wrote:
Of course itís something that I would definitely consider. And itís something in the free agency this year, once everything was worked out with Phoenix and I was a free agent, that was a question I was asked by my family and by my agent. Heís like Ďwhat if?í and I was like, Ďhey, definitely, weíll hear what they have to say.í So I never rule it out.
Initially reflecting on his time with the Raptors:
Quote Vince Carter wrote:
Itís where it all started for me, my opportunity. Glen Grunwald, Butch Carter gave me the opportunity. I remember day one, Butch Carter comes to me and says ĎVince, weíre gonna show the world what youíre made of, who you are and what youíre about.í Day two, Charles Oakley puts his arm around me and says ĎHey, Iím gonna show you the ropes.í And from there I felt comfortable. It was a young kid coming to a new city, just growing up in front of millions of people. It was just an unbelievable experience. Youíre going to go through ups and downs in your life, in your career, that we all go through. Thatís understood. But they were all worth it, because it adds character. It was just phenomenal. You can learn. Eight years removed from it, youíve seen so many things happen to other players, and you can kind of really enlighten them if ever asked. Itís been a wonderful ride. Itís just hard to believe itís been 14 years now, and Iím still playing the game I love.
On the perception that Toronto is a bad city to play in:
Quote Vince Carter wrote:
Toronto is one of the best kept secrets, and that was one of the tough things about convincing other players to come play for the Raptors at the time is that they didnít know. And that was one of the things I was trying to push at the time with the NBA, along with the fans and the organization, help Toronto gain recognition and put us on the map. Let the world see who we are and what weíre about and what the city of Toronto is about. I can speak on behalf of some of my friends, basketball fans, when they come to Toronto, they fall in love with it. They say ĎOh man, I love Toronto, I love Toronto.í Itís just that on a national level, it wasnít known and it didnít gain that recognition. We had some pretty good teams, but we had to get into the playoffs to be recognized. And it was just tough. And that was one of the things I talked about when people said Ďyour team is underrated.í I used to say Ďhey, give us a shot. Let us put Toronto and Canada on the map. Let us be seen.í Itís unfortunate. It has happened, but it just hasnít happened consistently. And I still think the younger players in the league now have no idea how great Canada is.
On whether he hopes to one day be Accepted by Raptors Fans:
Quote Vince Carter wrote:
Yeah, of course you hope for it. You know, thatís where I started. I have so many memories. Like with the questions youíve asked, itís brought chills because you just think back to where it started. I was able to play in a time in this city where it was, it wasnít known, it wasnít a popular place to be. But at the same time, there was love. When we were able to beat the Knicks for that first playoff win, I recalled making the first basket in the Air Canada Centre. Thatís something that Iíll never ever forget. So I do hope for it because every time I walk in there now and I look up there, I just say, ĎHey man, I made history here.í You know? I won Rookie of the Year here. I won the slam dunk contest representing Toronto. Thatís never been done. I have plenty of memories and you definitely hope for it.

What do you say guys? Water under the bridge? C'moon. C'mooooon!