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I'm not a huge Carter fan (like any Raptors fan is), but some of those reasons are just terrible.
6) Injuries. I'm supposed to hate the guy because he got hurt? He didn't Paul Pierce it. He legitimately got injured and it sucked for him as much as it did for anyone else.
5) The Mo Pete slap. clearly Carter meant nothing bad by it and it was more about a ref that looked their way at the wrong time than it was about any real mallice. Carter even tried to smooth things over with the ref right after it happened.
4) Going to his graduation. Carter went to celebrate a huge accomplishment. When my kids look up to pro athletes, I hope they look up to one like Vince that took their education seriously and fully appreciated the opportunity that they were given in College. He was proud to have graduated and he had every right to be. Somehow jaunting down to NC and back made him miss that last shot of the game? BS. I still remember Oakley turning the ball over in the first half on one of his patented behind the back passes with a 100% turnover rate. The sixers got an easy basket on the resulting break-away. At the time, I told my friends "if they lose this game by a single point, I'm blaming Oakley because he should damn well know better by now than to pull that shit (even though he did it at least once a game). So if you want to blame somebody for the one-point loss, blame Charles Oakley. Or better yet, don't blame anybody. Oakley was great otherwise, and that team was generally solid, and they lost by a single point in game seven to another really good team. Boo hoo.
3) Making fun of Raptors fans for chanting MVP about CB. He was damn right. Chris Bosh was great, still is very good. But we knew then as we know now that there are a good number of players in the league that are way better.
2) The trade. Two things here: not Carter's fault that we got squat on the trade, though the fact that he publically wanted out surely didn't help leverage a good deal. But the video includes him mentioning the issues with team management in Toronto at the time, and he's right. It was a mess for a few years there and I'd be frustrated too if I were him.

The other items are all pretty fair (though I don't really care about the Vince's mom one either).

Your opinion, and I respect that, above but here is my take:

6) Injuries - he milked them. Look at the miracle 'recovery' in NJ. Was it the 'fresh' New Jersey air? Was it the water? He played half-assed and used injuries as an excuse. He couldn't handle pain or discomfort. He had a poor work ethic and dedication to his craft as is evidenced by physical progression (or lack thereof) throughout his career. This is only my opinion from watching the numerous times he hit the floor like shrapnel from a grenade hit him. He is a joke around the league as well - plenty of commentators and players have poked at his antics over the years.

5) To slap him in the face to begin with is an extreme d!ck move - EXTREME. You don't slap someone in the face who you respect under any circumstances. I was at a party in my younger days (mid-20's) and a guy was being funny and hit me with a spatula very gently on the cheek. I'm not sure if you are a wrestling fan but back in the day I was. I picked the guy up and dropped him on his back (picture Diesel/Kevin Nash sidewalk slam but without the throw off the ropes). Was it cool on my part? Looking back, no, but I was absolutely livid at the time. No one else at the party really had a problem with my reaction either because it was a d!ck move on his part. He left a short time after and I heard threw the grapevine he had a monster bruise on his side from his lat through his hip down to his quad. Proper thing I say. I'd probably have a different reaction today - age, kids, less booze certainly tames a fellow.

4) Did Carter graduate with his class? No. He left for the NBA early. Does UNC offer graduations at other times during the year? The 2 universities I attended had a spring and fall convocation - not just spring. Could a superstar like him who donates obscene amounts make arrangements to graduate with another class in the fall? I don't see why not unless I am missing something. Again, it is not like he went to school for 4 years with the people he graduated with and had numerous memories and experiences with. Again just my opinion but there were ways around this situation whereby he did not alienate his coaches, teammates, and Raptor fans (both paying and not). Those ways would have required patience and a delay of gratification on his part but at $12M per year I think that is a reasonable request.

3) Fans always chant M-V-P for a team's top player - especially through the end of the season. I agree Bosh is not an MVP calibre player.

2) The lack of return on the trade is without question Carter's fault. It is through his actions - and other players - that the league brought in a policy to fine players, and even their agents, who use the media to demand a trade.
Trade demands only became actionable offenses after the 2004-'05 season. Discomfited by the high-profile ultimatums of Vince Carter, Baron Davis, Shaquille O'Neal, Tracy McGrady and Shareef Abdur-Rahim, NBA officials told the players union during talks for the 2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that such demands would henceforth fall under Rule 35, a player misconduct provision in the league constitution. Public trade demands are now considered "