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View Poll Results: What is your #1 concern with trading for Rudy Gay?

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  • His fit with the Raptors

    3 8.33%
  • His talent and ability (or lack thereof)

    1 2.78%
  • His contract

    8 22.22%
  • Assets required to get him

    24 66.67%
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Thread: The case for Rudy Gay to the Raptors: Heisley speaks to rumours (277)

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    LOL....the crazy times we were jesting about mid season are here and along with it extreme opinions based on rumours being passed off as inside information (Philly Insider). Could it just be possible that the Raptors are gauging the market/price of players including our own? well as fan reaction and also elicit offers from other teams thru knowledge of the level of talent being discussed?

    We'll all have a chance to cast an opinion on the moves, draft and ultimately BC, say, sometime later in July. In the meantime I am enjoying the ride. There is nothing we can do about BC ...he is in charge right now. We can tar and feather him when all is said and done. My one hope is that the 8th pick be only used to move up in the draft (2-4).

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    Quote sleepz wrote: View Post
    But that's my point. Everyone was told that the "safe" approach was the way thye were going and 1 year into this approach it's back to hitting homeruns? Even you have acknowleged that the draft is the better option for the Raps moving forward. Instead of shrugging our collective shoulders and just acknowledging Colangelo's lies, the fans need to stay away from supporting this foolishness and voice their opinions of this epic failure of this current GM to manage a team.

    We did this already folks. Fans didn't want to pay Bosh the maximum and were happy about him leaving but are fine with paying Gay just about the same? lol

    In 5 years time when it plays out the same way is everyone going to then say, "not it makes sense to do it the right way"?

    The sras need to align right in any scenario that is good (draft, trade or FA) but i nthe larket we are in, we know we should be the type of team trying to build through the draft. This building a team on the fly stuff will only end back where you have started with nothing really to show for it.

    Colangelo lies to fanbase year after year and it's all good, because we the sheep, love to follow.
    I don't see acquiring Rudy Gay in the same light as previous homerun swings of O'Neal and Turkoglu.

    O'Neal was coming off major injury. He had a $20M dollar contract over 2 years. He was 30 years old. Bosh was also a max contract on the roster at the same time and desperation to appease Bosh.

    Turkoglu was coming off a NBA Finals run and was regarded as one of the biggest free agents of the summer. He was 30 years old. He was signed to a large, 5 year contract that would have taken him to 35 years of age had he stayed the entire contract. Bosh was a max contract at the time and there was desperation to appease him.

    Gay has 3 years left on his deal. He is healthy (as far as is known). He is just turning 26 in August and entering his prime years. There is a possibility he could raise his game another notch. There is no max contract on the roster at this time. Also Toronto will have a starting lineup and 3 solid reserves taking the Raptors up to the salary cap of $58M - assuming just the minimum salary is sent out to consummate the trade. Adding 3 minimum contracts gives the Raptors about $10M to round out their roster before hitting the luxury tax. After this season, the Raptors will no longer enjoy cap space and will be limited to exceptions regardless of if Gay was on the roster or not.

    Suggesting that the draft is the safe approach is not entirely true without tremendous luck. The draft is one approach. The Raptors have 4 lottery picks in the last 4 years - where has that got them? So a 6th is added, then a 7th? That does not sound like progress. It sounds like waiting to be a winner as time goes by. If JV is truly a franchise C, the Raptors have guys who will still be under 30 when he is creating terror in the middle. Also it appears there is opportunity for the Raptors to add a draft pick