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Thread: Battle For 5th Place In The East

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    Default Battle For 5th Place In The East

    I was taking a long look at the schedules remaining for a discussion on another site. It was so much work i figured it would be a waste not to post what i found on this site, and get your guys opinions!

    Now, I realize catching a team like Atlanta or Orlando is completley possible, and so is getting passed by Chicago. But i have simply added up the schedules remaining for The Raptors, and their two nearest competitors in Miami and Charlotte.

    Toronto Raptors
    Games Remaining: 37
    Home Games Remaining: 20
    Road Games Remaining: 17
    Back 2 Backs Remaining : 10
    Strength of Schedule Remaining: .453

    Miami Heat
    Games Remaining: 39
    Home Games Remaining: 18
    Road Games Remaining: 21
    Back 2 Backs Remaining : 10
    Strength of Schedule Remaining: .454

    Charlotte Bobcats
    Games Remaining: 40
    Home Games Remaining: 18
    Road Games Remaining: 22
    Back 2 Backs Remaining : 11
    Strength of Schedule Remaining: .474

    Quick Notes
    Toronto has the easiest strength of schedule remaining, but barely
    Toronto has played the most games, but has played the fewest home games
    Charlotte has the toughest strength of schedule remaining, most games remaining, and most back to backs remaining
    Toronto's next 10 games (7 home, 3 away) come against teams with a combined winning percentage .332

    In conclusion, I think Toronto has the easiest schedule remaining, due to the strength of schedule, but mostly to the fact we play 2 more home games than both Charlotte and Miami, while playing 2 less games than Miami, and 3 less than Charlotte. Charlotte has the toughest schedule remaining. They play the most games, and against the toughest competition.

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