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Thread: Charlotte Looking to Move #2 Pick

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    Quote Nilanka wrote: View Post
    Charlotte isn't trading their pick for anything less than a star. Any combination of Davis, JJ, Kleiza, DeRozan and/or our 8th pick, ain't gonna cut it.
    Actually I think they'd give it some thought. Unless Iam missing someone on their current roster, other than Henderson, all of the suggested players are an upgrade over what they have. More likely is that Thomas would have to be part of the deal going back. And that definitely gives me pause. I believe their reasoning to consider trading thepick is that they need to be more of a competitive team next season and no matter the 2nd pick thats not going to get it done. They are bleeding cash and MJ has to stay away from the tables!

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    You may be right, Bendit. But I heard some rumours that Gay is the the type of player Charlotte is looking to swap their pick for. And we don't have anyone in Gay's stratosphere.
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