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View Poll Results: (When) Should the Raps fire BC?

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  • Immediately

    4 7.69%
  • If we lose out on Nash and finish in the lotto next year

    11 21.15%
  • I still trust him, don't foresee a firing.

    37 71.15%
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Thread: Disgruntled Fans 2012: Extended stinkfest? (#296)

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    Much appreciated the thoughts, CalgaryRapsFan.

    I can sympathize the Bosh thing having lived through all the messy details. But I stil believe he waited far, far too long. The Utah approach was the right move. At the time, guys like Bynum and both Gasols were attainable for CB4. With hindsight, we know 2 things for sure. Trading Bosh after we made the playoffs would have been a very, very tough sell. Not trading Bosh that year doomed us to lotto oblivion. So was it really the right call or did BC get overwhelmed by public opinion (which doesn't happen to quality GMs).

    Hakeem/Nash are comparable in that we are bringing in an aging player, years removed from his peak. Now, Nash is a better bet for success than Hakeem, no doubt. But it's a similar refrain of running through his career accomplishments and ignoring the age/milage factor. Also, the Nash/Fields combo at $18 million per is ludicrous. Those guys combine for 30 mins a game on any legit contender (28 for Nash, 2 for Fields - being generous for Landry there). I get the leadership/professionalism component, but is that really worth max money once you factor in the zero we're getting in Fields?

    You're correct that Davis hasn't had the best opportunities. But we're 3 years in on DD and 2 years in on ED and we're still hanging hats on "he still has room to improve". At this point we should be able to make the sink/swim judgement. It's sink for both guys so far.


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    Quote NoBan wrote: View Post
    With all the risky moves that are getting made/reported, it's a decent time to talk about if we really trust the GM. To me, it's clear from his track record (4 straigh lottos) that he is not to be trusted with anything. It's interesting to see that most of the fans on this board actually still trust the guy whole-heartedly.

    If you'd like to evaluate based 100% on hindsight, he's already shown the plan. Fields and Nash at a combined $55 million until 2016.

    You may now continue to insult me. I feel very confident I will be exonorated once we're using hindsight.
    I see no reason why we should fire him. We has done absolutely nothing excruciatingly horrible to absolutely destroy the franchise. BC had a bad situation coming into the franchise while they were building around Bosh. Every single thing that he has down has been rational and had good support for. He has lead us to two franchise playoff in his 6 years. Let me show you why your accusations are completely stupid and unnecessary:

    2006-2007 Season: We made playoffs and BC was Executive of the Year.
    2007-2008 Season: We also made playoffs, but a better Magic team beat us in the first round
    2008-2009 Season: We traded for the six time All-Star in O'Neal which was a blockbuster trade at the time. We just made playoffs so this trade made sense to help push us over the first round. He played decently but eventually got injured which ruined the playoff run. In no way is O'Neal getting injured BC's fault. He had a slight injury history previously, but it was risk that would have paid off handsomely if he could stay healthy. It's NBA basketball. Players will get injured. If O'Neal could have stayed healthy, we could have made playoffs for the 3rd straight time.
    2009-2010 Season: We drafted Demar Derozan and we got Turk which was really good idea at the time. The Magic had just come out of the NBA Finals last season and Turk was one of their best players, so this was a major signing. He was also signed to entice Bosh to say with Toronto, so we had to overpay him a bit. Like we have learned by now, he was to overpay FAs to get them to come. There was no way to predict that he would be shit and slack off the way he did. Due to Turk's true nature of laziness, we couldn't make playoffs for the second straight year. Again, the signing of Turk was not BC's fault since he was the main reasons why the Magic even made it to the NBA Finals. If Turk had worked out and played the way he did with the Magic, we could have easily made it far in the playoffs.
    2010-2011 Season: Bosh leaves for Miami and we tanked the season without him. He tried to get Tyson Chandler (who was one of the best